We envision a world where plastic waste never enters the Mediterranean Sea rather it gets recovered, recycled and reused.


Help us with our mission to increase the collection of plastic waste from at-risk Mediterranean coastal areas and turn it to #RecoveredSeasidePlastic.

100% of every donation directly supports #KeepSeaBlue initiatives, education and communication campaigns and our cleanup efforts around the Mediterranean coastal areas.

Together we can make it happen.
Together we can #KeepSeaBlue.


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Become a volunteer 

If you want to offer your volunteer help and support our effort to keep the Mediterranean Sea plastic-free, please get in touch.


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Get the Recovered Seaside Plastic® badge 

The #RecoveredSeasidePlastic badge is recognised by businesses and consumers as the symbol of circular and positive impact practices.

It signals that the recycled plastic used in the product or packaging comes from plastic waste recovered from at-risk Mediterranean coastal areas and saved from ending up in the sea.

By introducing the certification badge on their product packaging, brands have the opportunity to provide their customers with complete transparency and accuracy about a product's journey to the stores and reveal its positive environmental impact.

Collectors, Recyclers, Manufacturers and Brand Owners that meet our certification requirements can use and proudly display the badge, showcasing their circular credentials and strengthening their brand’s reputation.

Here’s how brands can display the #RecoveredSeasidePlastic badge:

  • Display the badge on products and packaging (retail packaging, product containers, product labels, shelf tags, bags, etc.)
  • Use the badge in promotional materials (newsletters, creds presentations, posters, ads, etc.)
  • Join our #KeepSeaBlue campaign and use our social hashtag

Here’s how you can engage your employees and turn them to #RecoveredSeasidePlastic ambassadors

  • Educate your teams about the importance of choosing certified recycled plastics
  • Educate your salesforce about the competitive advantage the #RecoveredSeasidePlastic badge provides
  • Participate in organised beach cleanups 

For more information about #RecoveredSeasidePlastic, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.